The wait is over!!

So, I’ve been waiting for one of two types of envelopes. A small, thin letter that would say “No, you did not qualify for a seat”, or a letter saying “Please complete the following forms and report to the school for your orientation to complete the final four semesters of Nursing school.” This would, of course, come in a large envelopes with all of said forms.  They would contain the forms to take in to the doctor’s office for a complete physical, the forms for a drug test, a background check, immunizations, etc., etc., etc….

My youngest son loves to check the mail. Lately he has been playing games with me. One day he’d say “Mom, you got a leeetle envelope from the school”, and there would be just bills. Or one day he’d say “Mom, you got a great big envelope from the school” and there would be junk mail. My poor mail carrier. Then we got a new mail carrier a few weeks ago, and soon after, we started getting other neighbors’ mail. Oh, no! I wondered if maybe our neighbors were getting our mail as well. This could be a disaster! What if my letter was sent to the wrong person? What if they “return to sender” and the school doesn’t hear from me and they give some one else my seat? All these thoughts went around and around in my stomach, all the while my son kept saying that there was either a large acceptance package, or a small, thin “NO” letter. Meanwhile, all my classmates are asking me if I have heard anything, and I am asking them. It has been a stressful  month, kind of like the last week of gestation. Is this it? Is this it? Is it time yet? How about now?

Finally the wait is over. My  beloved son just brought me the big envelope. Without a word. Just brought it to me. I started praying before taking a nap, fell asleep in the process, and woke up to my youngest son bringing me the mail. Not a word. He just set it beside me, and it was the only item that came in the mail for me that day. It was all I needed. I have made it halfway through nursing school now, and it is time to finish!

I can’t remember how many times I had to read the letter to know it was real. It was like I was still dreaming! What is really cool, is that my daughter in law, who lives behind us, received the same letter. We can carpool, study, practice, cry, and laugh together. I believe this experience will make or break our relationship! With work and compassion and empathy, I intend for this to strengthen our relationship.

We went to orientation together yesterday, and got a lot of instructions and paperwork to finish up.

Then we went shopping for white leather regulation nursing shoes.  ehhhhh.. not very sexy. (or are they….?)

Class starts August 10!


Join me…

The waiting is the hard part.

I have finished all of my prerequisites while maintaining a 4.o grade average. There are only 4 semesters left until I graduate as an RN and take my state board exams.

That is, IF I get a seat.

There are over 500 applicants. There are 60 seats.

In the meantime, I work at the hospital that has supported my education from the very beginning. In the wellness center by day, and in the ER in the evenings.

You would think that it would be easier, since the education is time consuming, and keeping the grades up is difficult at best, and now there is nothing left to do but the domestics of home life….which I love, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I don’t really have a domestic fiber in my being. I love my family more than anything, but, being an adrenaline junkie, I get bored easily. Maybe that’s why I chose to be in emergency medicine. There is never a dull moment, it is full of challenges, and it is always interesting. without fail.

It is my hope that this blog will provide some insight into the challenges and rewards of critical care, while also letting me express…or should I say vent my feelings and experiences. No real names will be used, in order to protect the privacy of those involved.

It is most importantly, my hope that these experiences will help you to stay OUT of the emergency room. Don’t get me wrong, the emergency room is there for just that…emergencies, and we want to be there to help, to fix it, and to send you home well and feeling better. It’s just that most of the people who end up in the emergency room could have prevented it. Also they could make room and save time for the true emergencies. So you get to decide from the experiences if it truly should have been a critical case, or if it should have been prevented, and possibly learn how to prevent ending up there yourself, in the future.

So what can you expect from this blog?

Advice. ~~I want to share things I learn and experience at school and at work. Things that, if applied, will have a health-improving effect on the reader, and possibly some life-saving results along the way.

Humor. ~~This is how we deal with the things we see, smell, feel and hear in the emergency room and at school. It is the best medicine for those in the medical field. Especially critical care.

Recipes. ~~I have a stomach of steel, and no matter how many different diseases, bodily fluids, dead bodies and tissue specimens I have had to deal with, I always come home hungry!

Fitness. ~~Contrary to popular belief, nurses do not have to sacrifice their backs. It is also important to stay in shape for this type of work, and there are lots of ways to accomplish this. Pilates is my favorite.

Rants. ~~We see a lot of things we do not like, and there is nothing we can do about it. Except maybe let out a good, loud ALL CAPS RANT every now and then. Maybe you have some advice to share that will help.

More to come as the blog progresses. Thanks for joining me in chapter 1.