Electrocutee…NOT Electrocutie! ..or what to expect when you’re shocked.

Entering the ER unit is always an adventure. My favorite aspect of the job is not knowing what waits in each room. As I start my beginning rounds, I have to be ready for anything, and it generally sets the pace for the night, with the exception of new incomings (ambulance arrivals) and law enforcement offerings.

On this particular night, I was directed to stay in the stretcher/triage area of the emergency room. Having been through a lot emotionally and physically this week, I let go a sigh of relief. This meant that I would be monitoring only up to 4 patients,  and these would inevitably be transferred to the unit or elsewhere in the hospital. So when I arrived in the stretcher/triage area, it was even more of a relief to find only 2 patients there, both having just received their morphine and on their way to Pleasantville. Whew!! I could actually sit back for a bit, catch up on some shop talk, check my messages (maybe a quick social networking update…or two) and just be.

Ok, that lasted for about 1/2 hour. Now I’m ready for some action!  …still nothing. Stretcher #2 starts to snore.  #1 wants to know if she can have something to drink. (morphene gives you the cotton mouth big time) no drink, but ice chips will do. Ahhh okay I’m downright bored now. The paramedic student beside me asks if it’s okay to go smoke a cigarette. Sure, what could happen?

Of course, what could happen? What happens is this: during the silence of the weak and convalescing 2 patients, and the paramedic gone, I get the call. The call to run over to Trauma 1 because there is an incoming  bringing a 26 year old female in her 38th week of pregnancy who just got electrocuted. Now that’s more like it! With the security guard on the watch, I run over to the trauma area, ready all the machines, meet the OB/GYN folks and help them set up, adrenaline on stun, everybody’s ready…. and here comes our white trash princess, cursing and badmouthing everybody from the county to the White House. On getting more information, we discovered that she was trying to watch Babe and felt a shock go up her left arm. She also asked if she could deliver the baby while she was there. The baby  was fine, except for a slightly elevated heartbeat. When asked, the mom revealed a 2 pack a day habit. Well, Duh! So, baby is fine, mom is fine, we didn’t deliver a baby, and now our white trash princess decides to bring her white trash mom in on the scene and they begin to trash talk our hospital. That’s where I draw the line. When you insult the hospital I work in, aren’t you insulting me, and my decision to work here? We were ready and waiting for you and your baby, ready to save your life, ready to spring  into action to revive you, and you curse our facility because we won’t deliver your baby early for you? Have a nice day.


About msfitmedic
Native Cherokee wife and mom of 4 sons. I work in a hospital as a personal trainer and fitness leader, and also in the Emergency Dept. as a tech and nursing student. I believe in a more holistic approach to what I am being taught, but in order to practice legally, I have to have the letters and the papers behind my name. So I invite you to join me in my adventures of learning and working in the fields of critical, emergency care, as well as the fitness and wellness arena. You might even find yourself in my indoor or outdoor kitchen from time to time to see what's cooking, or what sort of counter culture is growing. Buckle up!

2 Responses to Electrocutee…NOT Electrocutie! ..or what to expect when you’re shocked.

  1. mike says:

    Ya know… I give a little leeway to people 30 and above in regards to smoking… but anything younger than that is just dumb, I am 25 years old, and I remember in 1st grade was the first time we were shown first hand the effects of smoking… as were many any people my age in various other schools and after school specials and everywhere we went. I think if young people smoke, they deserve everything they get as they get older (not their kids) becasue we’ve been force fed how bad smoking is for you.

    • msfitmedic says:

      Mike, don’t you think that as we grow older, we should mature, and actually do better for our bodies? We learn so much as we move through the decades, and if we apply what we learn, we would be so much better off.

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