Hello Kitty Gone Wild

Everybody knows I love Hello Kitty. I’ve been a fan since I was about 10, and growing up with her, I’ve discovered her many different sides and attitudes.

Being in the medical field, I always try to find the interesting scrubs, the ones that aren’t so booooring.

Well, my Hello Kitty scrubs make me feel good. They are Asian inspired, and every single time I wear them to work, someone compliments them, and just loves them, and it always seems to make that shift even more fun!

One day a young man, who had just been released from prison, decided he wanted to celebrate. And celebrate he did. He tested positive for all kinds of party goods, and when the paramedics brought him in, he was talking incoherently, and so fast no one could understand him. His heart rate was 175 on admission. As the time went by, his heart rate came down to 125, and his speech became a little easier to comprehend each time I did my rounds. Having an interest in tatoos, I couldn’t  help but notice the vibrant, diabolical, flaming tatoos on this young man’s body. Flames, weapons, skulls, belligerent phrases which I won’t mention here. It was quality artwork though. Mean, but good work.

On this particular evening, I was wearing my favorite Hello Kitty scrubs.

I was finally able to understand him, and he told me that he liked my scrubs, and that he also liked Hello Kitty. Hearing this brought a chuckle, followed by an “oh, really?”

“Really!” he said, and told me that he had a Hello Kitty tatoo. “Do you want to see it?”  Of course I did!

Now I like tatoos, and I like Hello Kitty, so I thought I was in for something cool, but….

by the time I turned around he had his drawers down, and was pointing to the Hello Kitty on his groin.

This is a first for me, and I have to wonder what the motivation was for this particular art expression.

I have my theories. Do you?


About msfitmedic
Native Cherokee wife and mom of 4 sons. I work in a hospital as a personal trainer and fitness leader, and also in the Emergency Dept. as a tech and nursing student. I believe in a more holistic approach to what I am being taught, but in order to practice legally, I have to have the letters and the papers behind my name. So I invite you to join me in my adventures of learning and working in the fields of critical, emergency care, as well as the fitness and wellness arena. You might even find yourself in my indoor or outdoor kitchen from time to time to see what's cooking, or what sort of counter culture is growing. Buckle up!

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