Somebunny loves me!

As I was getting a newly emptied room ready for a new arrival..(We don’t have long, sometimes a minute, sometimes the Paramedics come in as we are putting on new sheets and cleaning up blood or vomit or pee…or worse)…I found a plush stuffed bunny that had been given to the previous patient. I set it aside, then when I had a minute, I found out where she’d been moved to, set off down the hall to take her the bunny. Maybe it was her main source of comfort, maybe it had some sentimental value (like the one still on my dresser that was brought to me by a close friend when I had been in the hospital). I found the 17 year old girl, who immediately saw the stuffed bunny and said “I don’t want that. I’m 17 and too old for stuffed animals.” I told her my age (I’m not telling you), and about the plush bear still on my dresser.” You can toss it.”, she said. My heart sank. As I turned around to leave, I noticed a little girl (maybe 5 or 6 years old) and decided to ask her if she liked bunny rabbits. Her eyes glowed, and her arms opened wide, and I placed the bunny into her open arms. She wasted no time saying “Thank you!”. Suddenly my heart was too big for my body. I wish teenagers could have an easier transition from innocence and wonder, to tact and appreciation.


About msfitmedic
Native Cherokee wife and mom of 4 sons. I work in a hospital as a personal trainer and fitness leader, and also in the Emergency Dept. as a tech and nursing student. I believe in a more holistic approach to what I am being taught, but in order to practice legally, I have to have the letters and the papers behind my name. So I invite you to join me in my adventures of learning and working in the fields of critical, emergency care, as well as the fitness and wellness arena. You might even find yourself in my indoor or outdoor kitchen from time to time to see what's cooking, or what sort of counter culture is growing. Buckle up!

2 Responses to Somebunny loves me!

  1. mike says:

    it’ll come back. Theres a stage where they all go through “too big, too cool” for this or that. I have a big stuffed bear that I have had since i was like 2, for about 5 years it sat in my room under stuff, never touched (except by my little brothers to body slam, drop kick and whathave you. The eyes are missing, there have been some tears, but its on my bed now. That bear is awesome. It old tattered and torn, can’t see, but its mine.

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